Antifoul and Polishing

Antifouling can be dangerous and messy and needs to be done correctly if your boat is to be adequately protected. Here are some examples:

Alexandra – before work is carried out:Alexandra before 7Alexandra before 6 Alexandra before 5 Alexandra before 4 Alexandra before 3 Alexandra before 2 Alexandra before 1

And after Alexandra’s work is complete:Alexandra after 1 Alexandra after 2 Alexandra after 4 Alexandra after 3 Alexandra after 5Alexandra


Kaluah – before workKaluah before 8 Kaluah before 5 Kaluah before 4 Kaluah before 2 Kaluah before 3 Kaluah before 1

And Kaluah after work is completed:Kaluah before 7 Kaluah after 1Kaluah after 2

And showing off in the sunshine!Kaluah after 3Kaluah after 4

And a stunning Bavaria yacht after work was completed:Bavaria 1 Bavaria 3 Bavaria 2